About Patricia Kalember-

Patricia Kalember, best known for my work as an actor, but for those close to me, they know me for my passion for cooking. Collecting recipes, creating recipes and hearing other’s stories about their love of cooking, has been a cornerstone of my life. I remember watching my Serbian grandmother make stuffed cabbage, then pull strudel dough over her dining table. Her sticky buns were legendary. She cooked like I like to cook, the recipe is a springboard for you to explore your own tastes. Your own story. My mother was the opposite, “go” was her middle name. Who has time to cook when there are so many other exciting things to do? A dinner of M&M’s was not unheard of. My favorite TV dinner was Salisbury steak. Fast forward to being happily married and my love language was food. I sold pizzas out of my kitchen, I developed my own pie and cookie recipes, and sold them locally. One thanksgiving I made over 100 pies! Then, my daughter fell in love and needed support in the kitchen. This became our love language, sparking each other’s creativity, passing on tips from one generation to the next. It’s pretty common for us to discuss what we’re going to cook on a daily basis. So here we are, ready to share our recipes and love of cooking with you. What’s your story?

About Becca Gerroll-

Becca Gerroll grew up back and forth between New York City and Los Angeles. Having both parents as working actors, bi - costal was a symptom of the profession. With many different schools, and many different people that came across my path I grew a love for the wide variety of people that this world holds. My teenage years almost killed my parents, but after high school my interest in people, adventure and the love of theatre and film drove me into the world of acting. I found myself in Chicago with my now husband but then boyfriend, trying out the domestic life. While I waited tables to support my acting career and enjoyed many of the incredible restaurants Chicago had to offer, my love and appreciation for food grew. I also realized it was time to start to cook myself since I found myself living in an apartment bigger than a closet. Phone calls to my mother daily and nightly began and my love for cooking and learning new recipes and how to cook began. I am now a mother to two little girls 3 and 4 and live in CT very near my parents. There is a love language that is involved with cooking, a window into peoples lives of what they eat, how they eat, and who they eat with that is so special. I am so lucky to be able to share that daily with my own mother, my children and often times friends and even strangers. Come on this journey with us. Every meal has a story and every story has a meal.